Stem Cell Therapy

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Most Americans have heard of stem cell therapy as a treatment option for a variety of health conditions. The skilled team at Revive Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and San Diego, California, offer this cutting-edge procedure to successfully treat patients suffering from arthritis, neuropathy, joint pain, and other challenging health issues. Men and women who have found little or no relief from symptoms of chronic conditions turn to the experts at Revive Medical for stem cell therapy so they can live fuller, healthier, pain-free lives. Call or go online today to schedule your consultation with Oklahoma City’s or San Diego's authorities in integrative medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy

What is stem cell therapy used for?

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, can prompt diseased or dysfunctional tissue to repair itself. A member of the highly skilled Revive Medical team injects the stem cells into a specific area of your body to treat a particular condition — for example, arthritis, neuropathy, and rheumatoid arthritis. This therapy also works to help heal wounds and relieve joint, shoulder, ankle, wrist, and hip pain.

How does stem cell therapy treat neuropathy pain?

Neuropathy is a chronic health condition in which damaged nerves transmit incorrect messages to other parts of your body. This condition is sometimes brought on by other health issues such as diabetes. Neuropathy symptoms range from intense pain to a tingling feeling in the affected areas of your body, especially your hands and feet.

To help relieve these painful symptoms, stem cells injected into the affected areas of your body, such as your feet, ankles, and other afflicted joints, work to heal existing scar tissue caused by neuropathy, prompting healthier tissue to grow. This process relieves inflammation and pain so you can return to your daily activities with renewed ease of motion.

How does stem cell therapy treat arthritis?

Stem cell therapy can help arthritis sufferers through direct injections into the area surrounding the arthritic joints. These stem cells can potentially develop into cartilage cells, can suppress inflammation that often makes arthritis pain worse, and can release proteins to slow down cartilage degeneration. Ultimately, the treatment can have a profound effect on people with arthritis by substantially decreasing pain.

Is stem cell therapy safe?

You may experience temporary, minor pain or swelling at the points on your body where the stem cells are harvested and injected. In most cases, irritation or discomfort is minimal.

The doctors at Revive Medical recommend that you are otherwise in overall good health before deciding if stem cell therapy is right for you. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, go online or call to speak to an integrative wellness professional at the Oklahoma City and San Diego areas.